Navigating the Market for Sellers

Sure, buying a home can be a complex process. What about selling? While buying a home surely brings its own anxieties, selling a home can potentially bring more. Having the right agent who understands the evolving marketplace is the right place to start!

When is the worst time of year to sell?
Conventional wisdom says that selling during the Winter is the worst time to sell. This is sort of true, or at least it used to be. While no one really considers the Winter months the hottest time to sell, current levels of housing inventory suggest that it’s still ripe with opportunity and buyers. The holidays certainly put a hamper on things, and Winter weather can quiet things down. Spring is coming ever earlier however, and January is a great time to be getting prepared to sell in the upcoming Spring market.

When is the best time of year to sell?
It’s been consistent for years; Spring really is the best time to sell! As the environment greens up, the home’s curb appeal follows. But like I’ve already mentioned, this is earlier and earlier. Buyers are out and about in full force by February. And if we have a couple of 50-degree weekends in January, then it can be even sooner. If Spring is your target, talk with an agent in the prior Fall. Identifying areas to spruce up a home’s appeal and getting to work early can maximize your return on a sale. 

There are 3 reasons a home will sell: Location, Condition, and Price.
How an agent markets your home can bring these 3 reasons together, finding the right price for the current market and the right buyer for your house.

Seller Transaction Overview: