We want to empower YOU, the consumer. Our flexible, dynamic real estate model puts the power of choice into your hands.

Flat-Fee Listing Model

Typical seller-side listing fees are a percentage of the sales price of a home; usually upwards of 2.5-3.5% of the sales price (with another 3% for the buyer’s agent). Our commission model is a tiered flat-fee structure:

Sales Price                          Seller-Side

Under $200,000                 2% of the Sales Price

$200,000 to 399,999          $4,000

Over $400,000                    $5,000

This pricing structure does not sacrifice anything when it comes to service. You still get all the same things you would for a 6% listing! As soon as your listing enters the Lawrence MLS, I syndicate it to all the sites you’re probably familiar with (like Realtor.com and Zillow.com), plus others that you may not have yet heard of such as WikiRealty. This IDX feed casts a wide net and provides maximum exposure for your home.

Kansas real estate law states that an agent must represent their client to their full ability, not based on amount of their commission. This is why the R+K Real Estate model – only charging the seller either 5% or a flat fee – provides a tremendous advantage that many home sellers might not have previously had access to.

our flat-fee model means potential savings for home sellers

A commission is far and away the largest expense facing home sellers. Depending on what you pay the Buyer’s Agent, which is typically 3%, here are some examples showing the difference in what you pay to sell your home with R+K versus companies offering only 6%:

Sales Price      R+K         Full 6%

$149,900     $7,495          $8,994

$225,000     $10,750       $13,500

$500,000     $20,000       $30,000

$750,000     $27,500       $45,000


The higher the home price, the higher the savings!

Think about it this, if you have a home worth $1,000,000 and you list with an agent charging 6%, you’re paying them $60,000 to sell your home. That’s more than the average annual salary in Lawrence! In theory, or by state law, an agent must work just as hard for a client selling a $50,000 house. Is there really a reason one agent gets paid $60,000 and another one gets paid $3,000 to do the same job? We don’t believe so, and our pricing structure should prove it!

Some Icing on the Cake:

If we do an open house and find your buyer ourselves, we will reduce the commission even further! It’s all a negotiation, so ask us how this works!


Buyer Agent Services:

Our fee for Buyer Agent services is 3%. Most often that fee comes from the commission the seller pays and that the listing agent identifies in the MLS. In order to provide value back to our clients, we offer to REBATE part of our commission back to you in the form of a gift card:

Net Sales Price         Rebate Amount (After Closing)            

Up to $149,999           $1,000

Up to $299,999           $2,000

Up to $499,999           $3,000

Over $500,000            $4,000

Why Give Rebates Back to Our Clients?

This is a deal you will not find offered by any other real estate company in Lawrence! We believe in two core concepts at R+K Real Estate: keeping overhead low and passing our savings on to our clients! Our flexible and modern approach is meant to empower the consumer and relieve some of the financial burden of buying a home! Just keep in mind, by state law, our rebate must be in the form of a gift card.