I was having some fun and messing around on the internet the other day and figured I’d ask it to give me some questions that the public has about real estate. Then, I figured why not answer some of them! So that’s what I did, and I made a quick (I promise, it’s short!) video addressing 3 of those questions.

I plan to make a series out of these questions. There were literally hundreds of questions, so it’ll take some time to burn through them all! What I hope is that people see these videos and reach out to me with other questions. Maybe the video topic leads to another question. Maybe you just would love to know about something else entirely.

There are so many facets of real estate. And because real estate is transacted locally, an answer that works in one location may not translate to another. Sometimes what works in Topeka or Kansas City does not work in Lawrence. Lawrence is a unique city, particularly in the state of Kansas. And while I was making this the thought occurred to me: Lawrence is awesome. Let’s live here! Enjoy!

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