The City of Lawrence has prioritized in-fill development through the Horizon 2040 plan. Part of this decision was based on a report they provided indicating that there are over 700 available lots within the city of Lawrence. Lots that could contribute to in-fill development. Policy and planning has been based upon this figure. 

One of my favorite 80’s movies would be Top Gun starring Tom Cruise as Maverick. One of my favorites lines from the film is where Maverick finds himself in class to be taught about Russian MiG fighter capabilities. Having been a part of dogfight with a MiG himself, he interrupts the instructor to dispute the claims made about the airplane’s fighting capabilities. It goes something like this “The data on the MiG is inaccurate.” Muted laughter from his classmates ensues. To tie the movie in here: “The data on available lots in Lawrence is inaccurate. . . “

To find out more, check out the above video. To read more about the Lawrence Board of Realtors take on Housing Affordability, click here.

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