Buying a home is an exciting time! It can also be a challenging and complex task, and being prepared in our market is a must. Here’s some tips to get started. 


What kind of house?
Single Family? Townhouse? Condo? Lawrence features all these types of homes for sale, and deciding on which is the best fit depends on you as the individual buyer. Location, condition, age, and neighborhood are all important factors to consider. The housing market in Lawrence is very tight, so prioritizing your needs and starting your search early are great ways to become an educated buyer. A REALTOR has tools that the public doesn’t have. But just ask and we’ll share them! 


How do I know what I can afford?
This is more of a question for your lender and/or your financial adviser. Fortunately, we work with many local lenders that we highly recommend to our clients. Why local? Check out This Blog Post. You’ll often hear that no more than 30% of your monthly income should be budgeted to a mortgage payment. But, there are a variety of ways to get a loan done these days and that’s why it’s a good idea to talk to more than one lender before deciding who to go with!


What do I need to do to be prepared to buy?
I advise to check your credit score at least 6 months to a year ahead of when you plan to purchase a home. If you find any problems or discover you need to raise your score, this gives you plenty of time to make necessary changes. Talking with a lender at this point is crucial. Here in the Lawrence community, I work only with local lenders I know and trust, to help ensure a smooth process for my clients. Part of making an offer is having a Pre-Approval letter ready to go before finding the right house!


I found the house, how do I make an offer?
This is the part where having an agent on your side – ahead of time – is a must. In an active market, finding the house before you find your agent means you stand a good chance of missing your opportunity. A great agent has the right tools and the right information to help you be successful in writing a competitive offer. Don’t get tripped up thinking you can do this part by yourself, find an agent you trust to help you navigate a complex and ever-changing market! 


Buyer Transaction Overview: