I bet just about everyone has seen this sign posted around town. It’s pretty spooky, to be honest! It will say any number of things designed to get distressed sellers to call with offers of quick closings and cash sales. They’ll say things like they don’t care about the condition of the house and that they’ll offer to buy it “as-is.” There is one easy piece of advice I could give to anyone and everyone who might be tempted to call these guys: DON’T CALL THESE GUYS!!!

I’m not going to come outright and say that all of the people behind these signs are running a scam on vulnerable home sellers. Just most of them. The whole thing is designed to prey on people who own their homes and have found themselves in some set of undesirable circumstances and need to sell. The circumstances could be economic in nature, or the house has fallen into disrepair from years of undone routine maintenance and neglect. They’re offering to get the seller out of those circumstances with what they claim is an easy sale. Sounds simple, right? 

The problem is these people DO NOT have the home-seller’s interest at heart. They have their own interests in mind and despite what they say, there is no such thing as a “win-win” by dealing with them. They will drastically undervalue a home. Understand that these guys are looking buy for pennies on the dollar. They will never compensate anyone the true value of that house, no matter the circumstance or the condition. 

If there’s one promise I can make at R+K Real Estate Solultions, it’s that I can guarantee just about any potential home seller that I can offer a better solution than any of these jokers! And by representing a seller, no matter their circumstance, I’m bound by law and the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics to advocate for my seller clients and to act in their interest. Not mine. I can promise that in most cases, I can fetch a seller a higher sales price than those guys. Even factoring in a sales commission! 

If you or anyone you know and care about is considering calling a number on one of those signs, please just give us at R+K Real Estate a chance to show you how we can do better!

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