Whether you’re planning to sell your home soon or planning to stay for years and years, now’s a great time to knock out those projects around the house! The Lawrence real estate market is still moving. Houses are selling very quickly, but there have been some recent disruptions. Since it appears that the overall situation is beginning to improve and the authorities are planning to begin opening businesses back up, it’s my opinion that the real estate market is set for a pretty big flurry of activity soon!

Here are a few project ideas I recommend for home owners during this time:

1. De-clutter: I’ve been a big fan of Marie Kondo since long before she had a TV show! But look, I’m no minimalist. We have too many kids in the house! But, minimalism always the goal, which is a constant journey, and I think that’s healthy. Clutter can cause stress and make a home look unkept. If you’re thinking of selling, then it’s a great time to work on de-cluttering. That doesn’t mean you have to throw everything out! Instead, there are plenty of storage options these days…everything in its place. After that, my personal philosophy is to sell what you can sell, donate what you can’t sell, and burn what you can’t give away! 

2. Cleaning: Now is a great time to do a deep cleaning. Spring cleaning! My wife and I strive to keep our home pretty clean most of the time. Sure, it’s a challenge with kids, but we consider a clean home essential to maintaining mental health and peaceful family life. I recommend using a professional cleaner if you’re looking to sell your home; they can really get into a deep clean and find those spots we’ve just gotten used to ignoring. Most people end up being surprised at just how clean and also how reasonable house cleaning prices can be. And, I know cleaners who prefer to use products that are better for the environment too! (Feel free to hit me up for referrals!)

3. Organizing: This one kind of goes hand-in-hand with the first two, but it can make a huge difference! A well-organized home just appears to make sense, and it’s very inviting to potential buyers. If things are a mess and thrown wherever, it can make buyers begin to wonder what else a home seller has been neglecting. Organization is well worth the time and upkeep, and now may be the perfect time to tackle those projects you’ve had in the back of your mind!

4. Yard Work: It’s Spring! Everything is green and blooming and looks great! Now is the perfect time to plant some grass seed, spread some mulch or rock, or add some new plants or trees. Curb appeal can make it or break it for home sellers. I’ve been spending a lot of my extra time working in the yard. I love the results as well as an extra reason to be outside after a long winter!

5. Identify Deferred Maintenance Issues: Got broken windows, missing screens, leaky faucets or sticking doors & windows? Before listing a home, it’s best to find and correct any maintenance issues. Don’t let a home inspector find them later! (They will!) Chipped or missing paint, bad outlets, and clogged gutters are things that aren’t always top-of-mind. But many of them can lead to bigger problems if not discovered. Take a look around, I bet it won’t take long to identify the first one! 

6. Remodeling Projects: Downtime caused by the shut-down could be a perfect time to take advantage of knocking out the bigger projects you’ve been dreaming of. Whether the goal is to increase your home’s value for hitting the market or just to realize your make-over dreams, now may be the perfect time to finally get after that kitchen or bath remodel! Other projects could include replacing carpet or changing flooring altogether. These are the types of projects that make home buyers swoon! 

7. Other Inspection Issues: Ever had your home tested for radon? How about termites? Do you know if your sewer line is functioning 100%? Consider getting a jump on these potential inspection issues beforehand. I always say the best offense is a good defense. Other great options to look into are having your roof condition evaluated or having your HVAC system serviced. These can be potential transaction-killers so knowing all these things ahead of time can help put your mind at ease by heading off those nasty surprises!

8. Call a REALTOR! Wondering what your home’s value might be? Please tell me you’re not going by Zillow’s Zestimate! I’ll let you in on a little industry secret: the Zestimate means NOTHING! Not a thingy-dingy. Neither does the county estimate. Neither of these are accurate market-value tools. But a REALTOR can help. REALTORS know the market climate and are tuned-in to what’s going on here, today. That experience is crucial! Housing inventory has a big impact on home prices. Since 2009, market values in Lawrence have gone up over 25%!

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