It’s February, the most dreadful month of the year for many. Days are dark and short. The cold seems to have set in and its icy grip is unshaken. Spring seems as far away as it did in December. And of course, February features the worst, most meaningless and shamelessly commercialized fake holiday, Valentine’s Day. Yuck! 

What is a person to do? Well, it’s times like these that I like to take the opportunity to slow down. To observe a natural rhythm in the world that seems to say stop, observe the natural world around you, and take the time to have and show gratitude. Not all times need to be, nor should be, fast-paced and crazy! If they were, we’d all burn out and crash. 

I’m not sure I’ve seen a winter this cold in a several years. The sun has literally not come out since last week and there has been an almost steady flurry of snow. While it sure is extraordinarily cold, it’s also extraordinarily beautiful! We’ve been delighted to watch bluebirds, cardinals, and other birds feeding at the bird feeder. There is a peacefulness that seems to cover everything like a blanket. 

While this may present itself as a struggle for some, I like to view it as just another part of the progression of time. If you wish it away dreaming of warm days ahead, there are things that you’ll surely miss. Things that are worth not missing! I actually tend to make this mistake when it’s too hot out. August to me is like February to others. I actually love the cold and use it as an opportunity to strengthen my immune system. But that’s another blog topic entirely. . . 

In recent times I’ve really come to like the idea of “being present.” It doesn’t sound like such a hard thing to do, but in our times of smart phones, zoom meetings, and remote work it can present an ever-increasing challenge. Stop. Breathe. Relax. Observe. Contemplate. Resume. I think it’s now more important than ever to do these things. It doesn’t mean you can’t be busy and do the other things too. But I can say for myself, that it sure does make the other things easier to accomplish! 

In real estate, things tend to get a little quiet at times like these. Listing activity seems to have suddenly slowed. It doesn’t mean nothing is going on, but people do seem to be in a bit of a holding pattern. At least until the super cold spell breaks. Quite quickly, it’ll get right back to resembling the Spring Market that we’re really already into as it is. But, for the moment, I’m sitting here writing a light-hearted blog post, enjoying a cup of tea, and watching my supply of safflower seeds get whittled away by the birds stopping by for a quick snack out of the snow. 

Stay warm and enjoy the season! -Ryan Desch, Broker/Owner

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